Election Hotline

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If you have problems or witness irregularities Save this number in your phone and call if you have problems voting or witness irregularities. Ballot integrity is of utmost importance this election. Find out how you can help protect the integrity of this year’s election by clicking the link below. DEFEND YOUR BALLOT

Voter Guide 2018

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Of course, we encourage voting for our endorsed Republican candidates. In addition, we are asked about non-partisan races. Our thoughts are as follows (and those named may be unaware of their inclusion): Matt Flynn County commissioner district 4 Mark Ostrem County Attorney Charlie O’Connell Rochester Mayor Heather Holmes Rochester city council ward 1 Arlo Kroening Rochester city council ward 3 Bruce Kaskubar Rochester school board seat 2 John Eischen Rochester school board seat 4 Greg Gallas Rochester school board seat 6 Unmentioned races are toss-ups, have no challenger, or we have insufficient information to offer a suggestion. Who’s on your ballot? Visit the Secretary of State’s web site and find out. Want a printable version? Here’s a PDF.

Election Judges

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Election judges: it’s perfectly legal to inquire about the political affiliation of fellow judges. See 204B.21 Subd.3.