Precinct Caucuses, 2020

7:00 pm, Tuesday, February 25

Greg Gallas, Chair of the Republican Party of Olmsted County, calls us to participate in precinct caucuses the evening of February 25 at 7:00 pm. Caucuses for every precinct start at 7:00.


In Minnesota, precinct caucuses are: held in even-numbered years, open to the public, and the beginning of a waterfall of civic activism. Precincts are the smallest unit of government: neighbors that share a polling place.

Any well-behaved person may observe. To participate, attendees must:

  1. be present (as, for instance, no absentee ballots are accepted)
  2. live in the precinct whose caucus they are attending
  3. be in general agreement with the principles of the Republican party
    (or attend a different party’s caucuses)
  4. have voted for Republican candidates in the previous election or intend to vote for them in the next
  5. be eligible to vote in the next general election on November 6
    (i.e., be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years old, etc.)
  6. be willing to complete a sign-in sheet

Participating caucus attendees will:

  1. elect precinct officers
    Precinct officers serve for two year terms. We look for a Chair or two Co-Chairs to act as representatives and leaders in their precinct for the Republicans of Olmsted County. This entails attendance at a monthly Central Committee meeting and making an effort to organize like-minded people in the precinct.
  2. elect delegates to the Olmsted County Republican convention
    Delegates serve for two years as representatives of their precincts at annual conventions of the Olmsted County Republican Party. Their first county convention will be held in Rochester on March 21. Delegates will, among other things, elect delegates to the congressional district and state Republican conventions. At separate endorsing conventions in the spring, delegates will endorse candidates for the state legislature. The numbers of delegates to be elected by a precinct is proportional to its support for Donald Trump in 2016 and can be found on our Party | Precinct page.
  3. propose and vote on resolutions to potentially be added to the Party platform

Delegates to the congressional district (CD1) convention will meet on April 25 (in Sleepy Eye) to, among other things, endorse our Republican candidate for Congress and consider resolutions passed from the county conventions.

Delegates to the state convention will meet in Rochester on May 15 and 16 to, among other things, endorse our Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

If you are interested in being a candidate in a precinct election but cannot attend the caucus, prepare a letter to be offered on your behalf by someone who will attend and nominate you. It should include your name, home address, phone number, email address, confirm your desire to be nominated for the office, and state your interest and qualifications.

What’s Your Precinct?

If you do not know your precinct, it is good to learn it before arriving at the caucus! There will be many people arriving without that information. We will have people helping them determine that. You will save yourself the trouble of a long line and a possible late arrival in your caucus room if you learn it now.

The Secretary of State’s web site includes a search to determine your precinct based on your home address.


Olmsted county Republican caucuses will be held in the following locations for the listed precincts:

Building Precincts Captain
Byron middle school
601 4th Street NW
Byron, city of
Kalmar township
Salem township
Chatfield high school
205 Union Street NE
Chatfield, city of
Orion township
Dave Sovinski
Dover-Eyota high school
615 South Ave SW
Dover, city of
Dover township
Elmira township
Eyota, city of
Eyota township
Quincy township
Viola township
Jim Schumann
New Haven township hall
9024 Co Rd 3 NW
New Haven township
Pine Island, city of
Larry Mattson
Oronoco Community Center
115 2nd St NW
Farmington township
Oronoco, city of
Oronoco township
Rochester Mayo high school
1420 11th Avenue SE
enter door 6 (south side)
Cascade township
Haverhill township
Marion township
Rochester, city of
Rochester township
Conner Reed
Stewartville high school
500 4th St SW
High Forest township
Pleasant Grove township
Rock Dell township
Stewartville, city of
Bill Kuisle

Summary Agenda

Subject to change and not comprehensive.

Time Activity Notes
6:30 Arrive early to avoid the mess
7:00 Caucus call to order location based on precinct; see above
Elect caucus officers responsibilities start and end this evening
Elect precinct officers 2 year term; absentee ballots are not allowed
7:30 Elect county delegates 2 year term; absentee ballots are not allowed
Discuss resolutions if you have an idea for a resolution, be sure it’s not already in the Party platform
?:?? Adjourn time depends on attendees but no earlier than 8:00

Caucus Conveners

Each caucus is started by a convener. Conveners often get elected by their caucus to chair the entire meeting. Olmsted county is one of the biggest BPOUs – collections of precincts – in the state of Minnesota and needs over 80 conveners and backup conveners.

It’s not hard. Much of the script is prescribed by law. It can be fun. If you would like to be a convener or backup convener, send email to [if JavaScript were enabled there would be an email address here].