Newsletter, October 2019

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Here’s our October newsletter. It includes information about the Rochester Public Schools’ referendum, Take Back our Streets, and lots of state and local pieces. The Just For Fun piece is pretty good, too. October newsletter

Daycare: A Tale of Big Government

Bruce Kaskubar analysis, commentary

In Olmsted County’s 2019 residential survey, belief that our county has affordable child care has declined from 51 to 26 (on a scale of 100) since 2013. Is the belief real? Yes. The number of family providers has declined. The number of corporate providers has increased. For infants, corporate providers cost about $300 per week while family providers cost about $170 per week. The tilt toward corporate centers increases the average cost. $170 per week isn’t chump change. $300? Wow. What’s going on? Pretty much, government. The Dayton administration pushed to unionize child care providers by using a shameful ruse. That, and the tactics used by the union, disgusted many family operators (and observers!). Minnesota’s pre-K policies leave daycare providers more dependent on just infants and toddlers as …