Executive Committee
Office Officer
Chair Greg Gallas
Deputy Chair Jen Jacobson
Secretary Jennifer Miller
Treasurer Al Mavis
Organization Conner Reed
Outreach Larry Mattson
Vice-Chairs Chris Brandt
Bruce Kaskubar
Emil Koretzky
Bill Kuisle
Jim Schumann
Gerad Welch
At-Large Brian Davis
David Sovinski
Reuben Unseth

BPOU is an acronym for Basic Political Organizational Unit; the smallest building block of the Republican party. A BPOU may be a county, state house district, or state senate district. Here, it is a county: Olmsted.

The BPOU, or county party, has a constitution by which it abides. A link to ours can be found, below. The county party is run by its Central committee, comprised of precinct officers, the Executive committee, and various at-large members.

The Central committee and, especially, the Executive committee — Exec — ensure that conventions are held, caucuses are run, candidates are fielded, and the party message is sent and received.

Each year, in late Winter or early Spring, a BPOU convention is held. In even numbered years, its main orders of business are election of delegates for congressional district and state conventions, and the presentation, discussion, and voting on resolutions passed at precinct caucuses. Our delegates and alternates can be found on the state house districts page. In odd numbered years, the convention’s main orders of business are election of BPOU officers and our representatives to the state party’s Central committee, and amendments to our Constitution.

Constitution PDF
Platform PDF