COVID Minnesota

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The virus has impacted our lives. How about some perspective?

All data came from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). There are differences in the MDH data because of different reporting dates.

As of Monday, April 27

  1. The median age was 86
  2. 70% of deaths occurred in Long Term Care Facilities or Nursing Homes
  3. 3,800 confirmed cases statewide
  4. 1,800 people (almost half) no longer need hospitalization or isolation
  5. 286 people have died of COVID-19. In contrast, MDH reported some other deaths:
    – 148 by influenza (since September)
    – 2,000 accidental deaths (including traffic)
    – 783 suicides (in 2017)
    – 384 medical mistakes (in 2018)
    – 675 drug overdoses (in 2017)

Minnesota resources

  1. 2,638 ICU hospital beds available
  2. 932 ICU hospital beds in use (35% utilization)
  3. 3,706 ventilators available
  4. 554 ventilators in use (15% utilization)
  5. 341,000 N95 masks available
  6. 137,000 N95 masks in use (40% utilization)


In the face of this new virus, caution was appropriate until more facts were known. Initially, computer models were used to make projections. The data now coming in shows (see the 2 doctor video below):

  1. The virus is very catchy.
  2. MANY more people have been infected than previously known.
  3. Most cases showed no symptoms and were undetected.
  4. Death rates are a very small fraction of what was initially projected: COVID-19 death rates are about the same as influenza.


At the start, politicians wisely acted to try to limit new cases. Politicians are slow to react to new data and are slow to “open up”. Heavy economic damage is happening because of the failure to open up.

Dissent and YouTube censorship

A common sense physicians’ assessment of COVID-19 is a very worthwhile video. It runs over an hour. It’s on Blue Collar Logic’s YouTube channel. The physicians’ original video was removed by YouTube because “it does not conform to the World Health Organization web site”. No dissent is allowed. This is YouTube censorship pure and simple. Just as we were checking our links before publication, YouTube removed BCL’s version of the video, too. Here’s their story about that.

The wonderful Victor Davis Hanson provides science and thought in an interview, too.

The Original Plan

The plan to “flatten the curve” was intended to prevent medical facilities from being overwhelmed by sheer numbers of new cases. We are well into this and the medical facilities are not anywhere close to being overwhelmed. A special-built hospital in New York was taken down without ever being used. The goalposts have been moved and the new goal is to “save lives”. The lock-down is now causing a rise in drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, child abuse, suicides, joblessness and hunger. There seems to be no government concerns about these problems. No one is making the claim that the corona virus will be stopped by all the executive orders, just slowed.

From Minnesota Leaders

Here is the list of Walz Executive Orders.

A powerful speech by State Senator Jim Abeler gets it right.

Time to begin reopening

Given the horrendous impact on Minnesota’s economy, socialization (not socialism), and liberty, and in consideration of the most recent data as opposed to models built many weeks ago, the cure is worse than the illness. We need common sense voluntary precautions, not government dictates.