The Republican Party did not pick Trump

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In recent days, columnist George Will publicly left the Republican Party over Donald Trump. Now, Henry Paulson, President Bush 43’s former Treasury Secretary, says he will vote for Hillary Clinton. In a trope repeated without end, Paulson said, “The GOP, in putting Trump at the top of the ticket, …” is horrible.

The GOP did not put Trump at the top of the ticket. Trump ran as a Republican and beat everyone in what may have been the strongest Republican field, ever. While Republican national delegates include a few people that may be considered similar to the Democrat’s superdelegates, their numbers are inconsequential and Minnesota has zero. For instance, 3 of Minnesota’s 38 national delegates are pre-determined due to their elected positions: the state party Chair and the 2 National Committee members. Still, they are bound to vote for a particular candidate just as are all other Minnesota delegates.

Democratic superdelegates amount to about 1 in 6 of their national delegates and can vote for whomever they like. Clinton leads Sanders by 389 pledged delegate votes but with 700-some superdelegates, the party apparatchiks can turn the race either way.

So, it is not unfair to say the Democratic party is putting Hillary at the top of their ticket. It is idiotic to say the Republican party put Donald at the top of theirs.

George Will: The Republican party is about more than their presidential candidate. Will’s broad brush is no more insightful than Paulson’s foolishness.

The left-leaning media love people like them: they can honestly report fools’ truths and further their cause at the same time.


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