Minnesota Spending Still Amok

Bruce Kaskubar analysis 2 Comments

Minnesota state government spending

Is our billions of dollars of budget deficit due to too little (tax) revenue or too much spending?

Governor Pawlenty and Republican leaders in our state legislature have consistently said that spending is the problem.

Democrats in control of our state legislature have consistently said we need more (tax) revenue.

The graph is an update to an analysis first done last year, using the same sources. Here, it includes 2009 data, the latest available.

Minnesota state government spending since 1960 has grown 5 times faster than population and inflation. The only biennial dips in the curve occurred with Republican governors. Minnesota does not have a revenue problem! We have a spending problem.

Who cannot see that?

Well, among others, local legislative Democrats Kim Norton, Tina Liebling, Andy Welti, and Ann Lynch. All are on board for more taxes and more government programs. Let’s replace them with Mike Rolih, Charlie O’Connell, Mike Benson, and Carla Nelson! Each of them understands our problem. And let’s keep Dave Senjem and allow Duane Quam to continue the good work of Randy Demmer. Finally, let’s be sure Tom Emmer is our next Governor. We need to tame the beast of our state’s spending before it eats us alive.