Fear No More

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Fear No More is citizen’s initiative in Rochester on Behalf of We, the People.

They are a faith-based group of citizens formed to:

  • counter the presence of propaganda driven fear that is present in our city, county, state, and nation
  • take action through prayer, education, gatherings, truth-seeking, and propaganda exposure
  • provide encouragement for front-line leaders to support our Constitutional Republic

Their recent activities include:

  • meeting with the Olmsted County and Dodge County Sheriffs to encourage, support, and obtain their stance on the governor’s Executive Orders
  • holding a prayer circle at the Rochester Government Center to pray for our LE and city leaders
  • holding prayer meetings on Thursday mornings
  • educating the Rochester city council about the ineffectiveness of masks
  • contacting local pastors to encourage them to stand by the Constitution
  • emailing legislators
  • educating businesses and individuals on Walz Executive Order paragraph 8; specifically the exemptions
  • created a Facebook presence
  • updating and sharing materials about the legality of masks, virus testing practices, etc.
  • meeting with gym owners to educate them in their Constitutional right to stay open

As of April, 2021, they meet at:
Alcon Construction
2258 Marion Road SE, Rochester
every Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

They have not been given a spirit of fear nor of timidity but sadly the media and those who control it seem motivated to discourage us in exercising our freedoms under the Constitution. They refuse to do that and choose to empower others to stand up for The Truth and their God given rights.

Contact: Cheryl Champa or Julie Zuehlke for more information.


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