COVID Minnesota

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The virus has impacted our lives. How about some perspective? All data came from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). There are differences in the MDH data because of different reporting dates. As of Monday, April 27 The median age was 86 70% of deaths occurred in Long Term Care Facilities or Nursing Homes 3,800 confirmed cases statewide 1,800 people (almost half) no longer need hospitalization or isolation 286 people have died of COVID-19. In contrast, MDH reported some other deaths:– 148 by influenza (since September)– 2,000 accidental deaths (including traffic)– 783 suicides (in 2017)– 384 medical mistakes (in 2018)– 675 drug overdoses (in 2017) Minnesota resources 2,638 ICU hospital beds available 932 ICU hospital beds in use (35% utilization) 3,706 ventilators available 554 ventilators in use (15% …

Daycare: A Tale of Big Government

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In Olmsted County’s 2019 residential survey, belief that our county has affordable child care has declined from 51 to 26 (on a scale of 100) since 2013. Is the belief real? Yes. The number of family providers has declined. The number of corporate providers has increased. For infants, corporate providers cost about $300 per week while family providers cost about $170 per week. The tilt toward corporate centers increases the average cost. $170 per week isn’t chump change. $300? Wow. What’s going on? Pretty much, government. The Dayton administration pushed to unionize child care providers by using a shameful ruse. That, and the tactics used by the union, disgusted many family operators (and observers!). Minnesota’s pre-K policies leave daycare providers more dependent on just infants and toddlers as …

2019 Olmsted County Residential Survey

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County surveys were performed in 2008, -13, -16, and -19. 2019’s results report is 247 pages long and available on the county web site. Quality of Life and Community What one thing do you like most about living in Olmsted County? 37% Quality of life in general top answer 16% Location second answer : [six other answers] scored 3-10% 02% Schools, Employment, Other three-way tie 01% Bike paths first time on survey 00% Low taxes bottom answer; consistent across all four surveys Just about – or exactly – nobody is here for the low taxes. Just about nobody is here for the bike paths. (The bike path option was provided on the survey. In years past, answers only came from those surveyed.) Only 2% are here for our …

Voter Guide 2018

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Of course, we encourage voting for our endorsed Republican candidates. In addition, we are asked about non-partisan races. Our thoughts are as follows (and those named may be unaware of their inclusion): Matt Flynn County commissioner district 4 Mark Ostrem County Attorney Charlie O’Connell Rochester Mayor Heather Holmes Rochester city council ward 1 Arlo Kroening Rochester city council ward 3 Bruce Kaskubar Rochester school board seat 2 John Eischen Rochester school board seat 4 Greg Gallas Rochester school board seat 6 Unmentioned races are toss-ups, have no challenger, or we have insufficient information to offer a suggestion. Who’s on your ballot? Visit the Secretary of State’s web site and find out. Want a printable version? Here’s a PDF.