You can already vote in the general election

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The general election isn’t until November 4 but polls are already open in Minnesota. New in 2014: Voters no longer need to state a reason for voting absentee. Voting Candidates The Secretary of State’s web site can provide a sample ballot specific to a voter’s precinct. It includes every race pertinent to that precinct. Olmsted county legislative candidates, state-wide candidates, and Congressional candidates can be found on our Candidates page which also includes links to find candidates for local offices. Polling Places  The Secretary of State’s Polling Place Finder can tell you where you vote based on your address. Or call the county elections office at 507.328.7650. Absentee Voting Absentee voting for the November 4, 2014 election opened on Friday, September 19. Olmsted county’s Absentee Voting web page …

You can already vote in the primary

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The primary election isn’t until August 12 but polls are already open in Minnesota. And we have real races in this primary: For Governor, Jeff Johnson and our own Bill Kuisle (for Lt. Governor)For U.S. Senate: Mike McFadddenFor Attorney General: Scott NewmanFor U.S. House of Representatives: Aaron Miller You can vote by mail or in person, between now and election day, August 12. Of course, you can also vote on election day at your precinct’s polling place. You can get a nice sample ballot, specific to your precinct, from the Secretary of State’s web site: at the end of their Poll Finder, there’s a link to a PDF of a sample ballot. Why vote? How can you vote? Watch this 70 second video and check out this web …

MN GOP Votes

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Minnesota election laws changed since 2012. And there’s a primary election in August. Get the scoop at MN GOP Votes.

Democrat Machine Politics

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A Minneapolis DFL precinct caucus exploded last Tuesday. The police were called. It was broken up and canceled. It’s been rescheduled and will require photo ID to prove eligibility for attendance. The party of “no” for Voter ID last November is requiring caucus ID for a party caucus! State GOP leaders weighed in on it.