Republicans endorse Breanna Bly

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Olmsted county Republicans in state house district 26A endorsed Breanna Bly by acclamation at their endorsing convention, this evening. Breanna will take on incumbent DFL legislator Tina Liebling, to help return Minnesota to economic vitality and its former health policy that actually worked.

HF826: the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act

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Olmsted county state legislator Tina Liebling co-authored a bill to, ostensibly, address bullying in schools. Introduced in 2013, it is likely to see new life in the 2014 session. HF 826, the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools act seems not to be simple or good. The Minnesota Child Protection League considers the legislation on their web site. In short… Bill sponsors and Governor Dayton say that: our state is in the midst of a bullying crisis our state has no effective anti-bullying laws all students will be protected parents will be notified if their child is bullied or accused of bullying prohibited conduct must be proven children will only be given developmentally appropriate programmatic instruction the policy requirements in HF 826 were locally developed based on community feedback there is broad …

Taxpayers League 2012 scores

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The Taxpayers League of Minnesota has released its 2012 scorecard. Local Republican legislators Mike Benson and Duane Quam scored perfect 100s and their “Best Friends” award. Democrats Liebling and Norton scored poorly. Unnoticed at the time, Liebling failed to vote on almost all of the League’s focused legislation in 2011. If she’s not voting, how’s she representing?

Tina Liebling, Ideas, and No

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Wednesday’s Rochester Post-Bulletin had an interesting tidbit. “The Republicans may come to regret winning some of these seats, because they’re going to find out that you can’t govern by being angry,” Rep. Tina Liebling, DFL-Rochester, said Tuesday. “You can’t govern by saying no. These are very difficult times, and you’ve got to come out with ideas.” As Dan Aykroyd may have said on Saturday night live, “Tina, you ignorant so-and-so.” The notion that Republicans are the Party of no is nothing but partisan tripe. The Post-Bulletin’s repetition of the quote, on pages A1 and A3 of Wednesday’s paper, is a poor use of ink. Ideas? Liebling’s own campaign web site has, “Under Construction” as her legislative record. Obama said, “No” to bond holders of General Motors and Chrysler …