House DFL blames GOP for shutdown, again

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MPR reports on House Minority Leader Thissen’s anniversary remarks about last year’s government shutdown. He blames the Republicans because they didn’t compromise with DFL Governor Dayton. What a dolt. Or perhaps he thinks he’s talking to dolts. The Republican legislature allowed the biggest budget in Minnesota history. The. Biggest. Budget. In. Minnesota. History. It passed a big bonding bill in a non-bonding-bill year. Regarding the shutdown, specifically, the Republican legislature passed a bill (twice?) to keep the government going on a temporary basis while budget discussions continued. The Governor vetoed it! In summary, the Republicans passed a budget bigger than they wanted as a compromise with the Governor. The Republicans passed a bonding bill because the Governor wanted one. The Republicans offered to keep the government running but …


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Well, that title doesn’t sound good. It’s just supposed to be a play on the word shutdown. This post is strictly personal, not a reflection of any Party position. Here’s a note I sent to my state legislators Duane Quam and Dave Senjem. Duane, Dave, As my state legislators, I’d like to say that the GOP did not win with Dayton’s terms. He¬†called it the GOP offer of June 30 but it is not that offer. To echo the lie is not helpful. Did the GOP offer $700 million of borrowing from future tobacco revenue? If so, it may be part of the offer but it is not sustainable government. Did the GOP offer $700 million of more education offsets? If so, it may be part of the …

Shutdown ending?

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Today, Governor Dayton has reportedly sent letters to the leaders of the state legislature indicating he will call a special session to accept the terms they offered on June 30. The shutdown could be over in 3 days. On the other hand, if memory serves me correctly, that offer was made with a time limit attached, long past. Watching… UPDATE Wait. He wants alterations including dropping a state workforce reduction (based on reduced duplication of work) and an extra half billion dollars for construction projects. That’s not the June 30 deal. UPDATEWell, it seems to be a done deal. Dayton calling this the legislature’s June 30 deal is a joke. Details are still being hammered but both sides are saying it will get done “soon”.

AFL-CIO phone blitz

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The AFL-CIO is targeting Minnesota legislators. Apparently, union members are being called at home and asked to stay on the line while the call is transferred to the number of their state legislator. Then, they can tell their legislator that it’s time to meet Governor Dayton’s call for higher taxes. Guess what? According to Republican Kurt Daudt (representing 17A in the northern exurbs of the Twin Cities) it’s not rare to get a call from those members telling him to forget about higher taxes! Here are some of the calls: I want you to hold the line; tell that guy to stick it Have Dayton bring his money back from SD, the cheap b*****d Keep doing’ what you’re doing Don’t back down; get people back to work and …