Taxpayers League 2012 scores

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The Taxpayers League of Minnesota has released its 2012 scorecard. Local Republican legislators Mike Benson and Duane Quam scored perfect 100s and their “Best Friends” award. Democrats Liebling and Norton scored poorly. Unnoticed at the time, Liebling failed to vote on almost all of the League’s focused legislation in 2011. If she’s not voting, how’s she representing?

RCTC and the DFL: update

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It’s nice the Post-Bulletin picked up the story. I was surprised to see it on the front page last week. And their editorial was reasonable. The P-B agreed with us that, “we don’t believe the home of RCTC Vice President Michael Bequette — a state employee — was the best choice of venue for an obviously partisan event.” They also agreed with us that, “RCTC President Supalla and V-P  Bequette … wisely backed out.” They pointed out that the DFL has blamed a low-level staff member and called it a “misunderstanding.” We’d give all the actors credit for knowing better. Finally, they suggested we had hit a home run with this opportunity to cry foul. While the whistle blower may be Republican, it is not partisan to want to see that MnSCU policy and state law are …

Rochester Citizens Coalition: an independent non-partisan organization?

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The Rochester Citizens Coalition is a self-proclaimed independent and nonpartisan organization. Its web site has lain dormant for over a year but its political activities were in high gear this season with heavy support for Kim Norton. They ran radio ads for Norton in the days before the election, a half-page ad in the Post-Bulletin for Norton on election eve, and who-knows-what that escaped our notice. See that at the bottom of the ad? (Clicking the thumbnail will display a larger version of the ad.) “Prepared and paid for by the Rochester Citizens Coalition. An independent expenditure not approved by any candidate or candidate committee.” But it can’t be so. Norton’s campaign Chair, Robert Cline, is also the Citizens Coalition Treasurer! The two organizations are joined at the …