Senjem Update

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January 20, 2017 Dear Friends, The 2017 legislative session finished its third week full week in session. Most Senate committees finished presenting their state agency overview. However, the Health care, and Tax committees were hard at work as they passed major relief legislation with bipartisan support. Emergency Health Care Relief Legislators and Governor Dayton have proposed immediate relief for the approximately 125,000 Minnesotans who have purchased health insurance through the individual market. Minnesotans are facing four major healthcare problems: Unaffordable premium increases Unexpectedly narrow networks Uncertainty in the individual market Lack of options in Greater Minnesota The relief and reforms included in the Senate Healthcare Emergency Aid and Access Act (SF1) were the topic of urgent debate for months after healthcare premiums skyrocketed for those who purchase insurance …

Tennessee — The Model for America

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“Tennessee understands it’s competing with other states for new and existing companies’ commitments for investments and jobs, so taxing productivity and investment is, basically, stupid.”

LBJ’s Great Society

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Before President Johnson’s Great Society initiative, 7% of black children were born without a father in their home. Now it’s 73%. Not so great.