More Questions for Hillary Clinton

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Andrew Napolitano’s questions for Hillary Clinton, at Some are these… “Didn’t you pay a State Department employee—not an outside vendor—to install a private email server in your home in New York? And when you did that, you knew the practical effect of it would be to divert all your emails—governmental and personal—away from the government, right?” “[H]aven’t you stated a few dozen times that you never sent or received emails marked ‘classified’? … Don’t you know that nothing is marked ‘classified’—that the national security markings are ‘confidential,’ ‘secret’ and ‘top secret’?” Not only that, but marked or not, some things fit those categories. “[I]sn’t it true that you put the travel plans of Ambassador Stevens onto nongovernmental Internet venues?” “Didn’t you know that many of Gadhafi’s opponents …

The Huma Unmentionables

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I’m not much for conspiracy theories but I do believe in political machinations of the Clintons and their ilk. Too, Andrew C. McCarthy knows a thing or two about Islamic jihad having prosecuted Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and his accomplices for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Here, he describes the cozy nature of the marriage of a Jewish Weiner and a muslim Abedin as well as the potential influence of poor li’l Huma on the foreign policy of our nation and the behavior of the Clinton State department. Thanks Nancy.

A nuclear world

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“President Obama came to office in 2009 promising to negotiate with America’s enemies and create a world without nuclear weapons. Four years later, North Korea is threatening America with nuclear attack, Iran is closer to its own atomic arsenal, and the world is edging ever closer to a dangerous new era of nuclear proliferation. The promises and the reality are connected. … All of this is occurring even as Mr. Obama has pursued the most aggressive nuclear arms control agenda since the 1970s — or more likely because of it. In April 2009, the President famously declared that reducing U.S. nuclear stockpiles ‘will then give us a greater moral authority to say to Iran, don’t develop a nuclear weapon; to say to North Korea, don’t proliferate nuclear weapons.’ …