The Presidential race

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I believe the next person to take the President’s oath of office will be either a Republican or a Democrat. I understand voting my conscious; I have voted for other-party candidates for President. But for the foreseeable future, the Republican and Democratic parties have a base that is too large for a candidate of any other party to win. We don’t have to like it. George Washington was wary of partisanship. But reality is what reality is. In this election, more votes will go to right-leaning third party candidates than to left-leaners. That means Obama will be assisted by third party candidates. The choice between Romney and Obama is not a choice of two evils. It is a choice between two candidates. Mitt Romney is better than Obama …

Romney vs. Obama

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I’m hearing a fair amount about there being no difference between having Romney and Obama in the White House. That’s unbelievable and incorrect. Some say it’s a choice based on the lesser of two evils. It is not. It is a choice of two candidates of different experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and philosophies. The same as for any candidate of any party for any position. We’re all humans. We’re all flawed. Some will vote for purity of philosophy by going with the Constitution candidate or the Libertarian candidate, etc. But of what party will the winner be? Democratic or Republican. Period. Other votes may be pure but most of those will be half votes for Obama. That kind of purity is not considering the big picture. I did not …

The Minnesota Watchdog Friday Commentary, June 8

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Harold Hamilton hits a triple at The Minnesota Watchdog regarding Ron Paul supporters in the Republican party, Tuesday’s San Diego and San Jose ballot initiatives on public employee pensions, and the DFL meme of disgusting money in politics (except when it’s theirs).