Professor explains the rise of ‘precious snowflakes’

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Howard Schwartz, professor emeritus of Oakland University, has for years studied the psychology underlying political correctness, and in his new book Political Correctness and the Destruction of Social Order: Chronicling the Rise of the Pristine Self, he offers some clarity on why the term “snowflakes” is now synonymous with college students today. Source: Professor explains the rise of ‘precious snowflakes’ – cites narcissism, over-nurturing – The College Fix

Media reaction to Dayton’s education bill veto

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from Harold Hamilton’s Minnesota Watchdog Friday Commentary, May 29, 2015… “We can all agree that accusing other politicians of hating something is unprofessional and divisive.”— Albert Lea Tribune “Dayton’s Proposal wasn’t ready.”— Duluth News Tribune “The governor should abandon his own approach.”— Grand Forks Herald “Whatever effort Dayton made to pull the legislature in his direction on this issue, he failed.”— Mankato Free Press “It looks like the governor took his ball and went home.”— Mesabi Daily News “Governor errs in vetoing education budget bill.”— Owatonna People’s Press “The governor has failed to make a persuasive case.”— Pioneer Press

Really Governor?

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Governor Dayton vetoed a K-12 education budget bill that garnered support from both parties. The Republican controlled House voted for it, 71-59. The Democrat controlled Senate voted for it, 51-14. The bill… exceeded both the Senate Democrat and House Republican original budget targets increased K-12 funding by $1.3 billion (8%) to a record total of $17.2 billion (though you’ll hear of a 2% $400 million increase, not 8% $1.3 billion, because some people start from an expected increase as though it’s already real) included more than Governor Dayton’s requested 1% increase on the per pupil formula (by providing between 1.5% and 2%) Why did Governor Dayton veto the bill? Because he wants funding for pre-Kindergarten. It was never even in the Democrats’ Senate version of the bill. What’s …