Pay no attention to the real economy behind the curtain

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“While the economy grew 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter, what most reports don’t mention is that 20 percent of that growth was health-care spending. And the majority of that spending was taxpayer-funded subsidies from ObamaCare.” One of the reasons we were supposed to pass the bill other than to see what was in it was that it would bend the cost curve down. Then, the growth in healthcare spending was considered too high. Now that’s higher, still, it’s touted as part of our progress. “Health spending will continue to outpace GDP — in fact, government actuaries forecast a whopping 6.1 percent annual growth for 2016-2023 versus 4.7 percent for 2013-15.” “A government-funded flood of new patients, many of them forced into mandatory spending on services they didn’t previously want or need, …

New Rules On Power Plants Will Kill Coal Industry

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Even while admitting the new regulations will not significantly help global warming — sorry, climate change — the EPA’s new rules will kill 10% of our energy production, kill jobs, drive manufacturers like Alcoa out of the country, and increase prices of everything for everybody. Investor’s Business Daily explains. This is part of Obama’s desired Change.