No More Sales Tax

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This is a copy of a letter to be sent to Olmsted County commissioners… On March 7, 2017 the Olmsted County Republican Executive Committee took a position opposing the levying of any additional sales tax for transportation. The present sales tax in Olmsted County is one of the highest in the state. Before any additional tax dollars go into transportation there should be a much needed scrutiny of how those dollars are spent now, including but not limited to the money being paid to consultants (that is close to the amount the county is short on funding). Aaron Miller, Chair, Olmsted County Republicans

The Minnesota Watchdog’s 2013 Session Wrap Up

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The Minnesota Watchdog has some comments about our state’s just-completed legislative session. (We’d link to it but it’s not on his web site, yet.) Everything below this paragraph is Watchdog’s. We will start this edition of the Watchdog by noting that this was without a doubt the worst legislative session in memory. Given the composition of the Legislature and Governor Mark Dayton, this was no surprise. Republican missteps ranging from the candidacy of Tom Emmer to the “ready, fire, aim!” strategy of the gay marriage amendment campaign, led in part to this historically bad state of affairs. Thankfully, the DFL has obliged the GOP heading into 2014 by engaging in an epic orgy of overreaching governmental intrusion that will no doubt cause more than a few DFLers to lose …