Media Bias at the Post-Bulletin?

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The Post-Bulletin recently published a piece by Fran Bradley. His topic was taking voting seriously. The P-B did some editing. One of his bullet items was totally removed: “Don’t be misled by mainstream liberal bias. Objective journalism too often takes a back seat to ideology.” Hmmm.

Holder aide’s wrong number reveals Department of Justice effort to hinder IRS investigation

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“We are more than halfway to a banana republic, and liberals just don’t care, because their guy is the one in the generalissimo’s uniform and sunglasses.” Hillary Clinton was a young legal aid to the Nixon impeachment effort that included politicization of the IRS as one of his offenses. It’s quite clear the Justice Department is in bed with the IRS politicizing the war against conservatives and she and the see-nothing mainstream media are silent. Holder aide calls wrong number to ask for some under-table work.

Ryan, Obama and ‘Racism’

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The Wall Street Journal noticed something that happens a lot (and we trust they don’t mind us including their whole piece here as we have trouble with their links) … A week later, and liberals are still lining up to assail Paul Ryan’s “racism.” The episode is worth noting not because Mr. Ryan said anything wrong, but because of what it shows about the political habits of today’s elected and media left. The Wisconsin Congressman has been looking into the problem of upward economic mobility and how effective federal programs are in combatting poverty. Appearing on Bill Bennett’s radio program, Mr. Ryan observed that antipoverty assistance can often create “incentives not to work and to stay where you are, that’s not what we want in society. . . …