Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Emails: Key to Lack of Clinton Indictment

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An excellent piece about Emailgate.   From an early draft of FBI Director Comey’s see-nothing Clinton matter: “She also used her personal email extensively while outside the United States, including from the territory of sophisticated adversaries. That use included an email exchange with the President [emphasis ours] while Secretary Clinton was on the territory of such an adversary.” You know, that president who didn’t know about her private email account until he heard about it in the news. Comey’s televised remarks were washed of any mention of senders or recipients of the emails. This, from “the most transparent administration in history“! [We know the exclamation point belongs inside the quote but we refuse to adhere to an erroneous grammar rule.] Source: Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Emails: Key …

San Bernardino

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“A Muslim and his dingbat wife attack a celebration of Christians with weapons like AR rifles, handguns, homemade bombs, and some amount of body armor, masks, and beaucoup clips of ammo. They slaughter over one dozen innocent people and wound another seventeen. Then they engage the police in a shootout firing another seventy rounds and throwing homemade grenades at the cops. Their home yields multiple homemade explosive devices, thousands of rounds of heavy-duty rifle ammo, and unspecified booby traps devised to ward off the police who might come to search the place. This guy has contacts with a number of other terrorist sympathizers by way of internet, a visit to Saudi Arabla, and what may be emerging financial connections with sympathizers abroad. He also shows up in contact …

Obama Urges Quick Action on ‘Inversions’

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Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about President Barack Obama not liking what’s going on with so-called corporate inversions. “President Barack Obama threw himself into the politically charged effort to block U.S. firms from reincorporating overseas for tax reasons, calling the relocations ‘wrong’ and urging Congress to stop them through quick-fix legislation.” Once upon a time places like East Germany and the Soviet Union severely restricted the mobility of their citizens. Now, the President of the United States wants to do the same to our corporate citizens. Remember, “Change”? Remember, “We can”? We can make the United States a place corporations want to be. Then we don’t need laws that forbid from leaving.