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The Southeast Minnesota Young Republicans would like to encourage everyone to attend the Tax Cut Rally on April 12 at the Minnesota state capitol. More information can be found on . Let’s show our state legislature what we think about their recent passage of the largest tax increase in Minnesota’s history!

Brian Davis property tax kerfuffle

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So, Brian Davis reportedly paid his property taxes on June 17, about a month past the first half due date. I don’t know if he did or didn’t but you know what? I think Olmsted county likes it when people pay late; it makes oodles of money on penalties. Well, the county calls it a penalty on the back of the property tax statement. The Star-Tribune called it a fine. Which is catchier? The first half payment was due on May 15. If Brian paid on June 17, the county applied a 4% penalty on the entire payment. If he owed $1,000 on May 15, he owed $1,040 on June 17. In just 33 days, the county “earned” $40 on $1,000. Were that a savings account, it was …