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Election judges: it’s perfectly legal to inquire about the political affiliation of fellow judges. See 204B.21 Subd.3.

Jeff Johnson responds to T-Paw’s pathetic TV ad

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From Jeff Johnson’s web site: (highly recommended for the whole story) Tim Pawlenty deliberately decided to take our primary race in a nasty (and dishonest) direction. … He poses four ridiculous allegations: Dishonest Claim #1: Jeff is a “tax and spend career politician.” Truth: I have a 95% lifetime rating with the Minnesota Taxpayers’ League (one of the highest in legislative history). I’ve signed the Minnesota Taxpayers’ Pledge not to raise taxes – Tim says he will not. I’ve NEVER voted to raise taxes and will veto any budget as governor that is larger than the last. Dishonest Claim #2: “As a Hennepin County Commissioner, Johnson didn’t just vote for a massive property tax increase, he proposed one.” Truth: In 2009, the county board set its maximum property …

Voter Data lawsuit update

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from the Minnesota Voters Alliance: Dear Friends, Last Friday, Ramsey County District Court Judge Jennifer Frisch heard oral arguments in our ‘voter data’ lawsuit; Minnesota Voters Alliance v Secretary of State Steve Simon, in front of a standing room only crowd! In our view, the hearing went extremely well for our side! Thanks to all of you who attended the hearing, and for your patience in enduring the seemingly never-ending jabberwocky from the Secretary’s counsel. Judge Frisch is expected to rule in the coming weeks. We’ll be putting together some video highlights for those of you who were unable to attend. Minnesota Voters Alliance v Secretary of State Steve Simon is a landmark case involving the Secretary’s refusal to provide the public with full voting information on every …