Thank You Soldiers

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A Veterans’ Day tribute to our armed forces sung by the 3rd graders of Tussing Elementary school, Colonial Heights, VA.

Stimulus or Sedative?

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At Townhall, Thomas Sowell discusses all the economic stagnation in the face of all the government intervention since 2008. His point is important and much under-reported. Washington has changed a lot of rules in the last year and continues to talk about changing a lot more. People and organizations prefer stability of conditions when making decisions about the future. Without it, they tend to delay decisions. Decisions like making big purchases, hiring new people, or starting new businesses. The Obama administration changed bankruptcy laws for those owed by GM and Chrysler, and has worked to prevent foreclosures. These are only two changes but they are huge for people who make investments and lend money: the grease of commerce. The Democrats and their economists think government is the answer …

The CBO weighs in on a Paul Ryan plan

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Paul Ryan, the same Congressman who handed President Obama some inconvenient facts at the health care summit 10 days ago, has a plan for economic growth. The Congressional Budget Office scored it and compared it to current legislative realities and trends.