Still Government Motors

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Shikha Dalmia tells the story of GM’s fake repayment of a $6.7 billion loan at Forbes. It didn’t seem possible. Just a few weeks ago, GM announced their previous year’s financial results as a $4.3 billion loss. Now they’re paying back billions in loans? Nope.

Demmer legislative update: April 21

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Hello from St. Paul, Recently members of the Minnesota House and Senate K-12 Education committees held a joint hearing to discuss potential education reforms, many of which have previously been discussed and debated in our respective bodies. This hearing focused on education reforms identified as being important in our discussion of our application for “Race to the Top” grants from the federal government.  Minnesota was denied access to $250 million in potential grants during the first round of “Race to the Top” allocations – which are funds designated to states that promote student achievement – because lawmakers have not enacted reform such as alternative pathways to teacher licensure and linking teacher evaluations to student performance. I witnessed something that I don’t believe I’ve seen in my 8 years in the legislature, something that bothered me. The Democrat chairs of …