These Are the Smart People? Oh, Please

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I do not agree with the idea that our President is not intelligent. He has to have a certain amount of gray matter to accomplish what he has accomplished. I think his behavior can be explained by understanding him to be an unprincipled mis-educated ideologue who believes that ends justify means. Too, it is impossible to tell the difference between malice and incompetence. Perhaps there is room for some of each. In any case, here is Kyle-Anne Shiver doubting Obama’s intelligence at Pajamas Media. If nothing else, it provides an inventory of his behavior whatever the reasons may be.

Duane Quam endorsed for 29A

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On Saturday afternoon, Duane Quam was endorsed as the 2010 Republican candidate for Minnesota House district 29A. Duane won a contested race against Chuck Bradford and Kerry Stoick. Duane will run to replace current Republican representative Randy Demmer, a candidate for Congress. District 29A covers Dodge county and northern and western Olmsted county. Learn more about Duane and his campaign at his web site.