A bigger mandate than it seems?

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Thirty-Six Electoral Votes were handed to Hillary Clinton by those who voted for Johnson and McMullin instead of Trump: Colorado (9) Maine At-Large (2) Minnesota (10) New Hampshire (4) New Mexico (5) Nevada (6) That’s not to say that those who voted for Johnson or McMullin would have ever voted for Trump but Clinton’s blue margins of victory in those six places were less than the votes garnered by the red, third party, candidates. Giving Michigan to Trump, where he leads but has not been called, the apparent Electoral Vote result is: 232 for Clinton (43%) 306 for Trump (57%) Swapping the results of the six areas with red “spoilers” makes the result: 196 for Team Blue (36%) 342 for Team Red (64%) Yes, similarly, Stein’s votes could …

2016 Voter Guide

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Our Olmsted Republican headquarters and Executive committee members often receive questions from voters regarding recommended candidates for various offices. Here, we have our formally endorsed Republican candidates and other mentioned candidates based on recommendations reached by discussions at our Executive and Central committees. Some recommended candidates are not included per their request. Some were not contacted and don’t know they’re on this list. These recommendations do not include every race to be seen on your ballot. To see a facsimile of the ballot you will see at your polling place, visit the Secretary of State’s My Ballot web site.We’ve been surprised to hear that some people think they have to vote for every item on the ballot or have their ballot discarded as spoiled. That is incorrect. Each voter can …

DFL rule in Minnesota created the MNsure mess

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Greg Davids hits a couple nails on their heads regarding health care insurance in Minnesota. When a doctor commits malpractice, you don’t hire that same doctor to fix the problem they created. Source: Rep. Greg Davids: DFL rule in Minnesota created the MNsure mess