Congressional District

Minnesota has eight Congressional districts. Olmsted county is part of the First Congressional district. Their web site can tell you more about that.

In even-numbered years, the BPOU — Olmsted county — convention elects delegates and alternate delegates (a.k.a. alternates) to our congressional district, and state conventions. In Olmsted county, the same delegates and alternates serve both purposes.

The grouping by house districts is for organizing the balloting and displaying the results; all voting is by all county delegates and each delegate represents the entire county. The number of representatives is based on the number of Donald Trump / Mike Pence votes in the 2016 election.

We elected these delegates for 2018 and 2019 at our county convention on March 3, 2018.


HD 25A (12)
John Abenstein
Tammy Barrett
Bruce Kaskubar
Larry Mattson
Al Maves
Cindy Maves
Aaron Miller
Jennifer Miller
Duane Quam Jr
Louis Seifert
John VanProosdy
Deb Walker
HD 25B (15)
Fran Bradley
Mary Bradley
Cathy Briese
Bobbie Gallas
Greg Gallas
Melinda Hutchison
Jennifer Jacobson
Malachi McNeilus
Lori Oliphant
Will Oliphant
Greg Opdahl
Dave Senjem
Terry Severson
Jan Throndson
Will Waggoner
HD 26A (11)
Brian Davis
Jeremy Griffith
Linda Kopecky
Michael LaPlante
Gary Melin
Kathy Meyerle
Carla Nelson
Terry Nelson
Fred Nobrega
Gerald Pestka
Conner Reed
HD 26B (21)
Cheryl Champa
Robert DePompolo
Faye Eggenberger
Donna Foster
Mel Frederick
Len Griffith
David Groteluschen
Kyle Herring
Emil Koretzky
Bill Kuisle
John Meyer
Nels Pierson
Nicole Pierson
Jim Schumann
Kathy Schumann
Peg Sherman
Tim Sherman
Sherri Sovinski
Chub Stewart
Joe Weis
Julie Zuehlke


These alternate delegates replace delegates who cannot attend to their obligations. Each district was allowed to elect up to twice as many alternates as delegates. The sequence is numeric and represents rank order.

Alternates are seated in rank order within the house district from which they were nominated and elected. When a district does not have enough native alternates to fill its allotted representation, alternates from other Olmsted districts fill those seats. However, rank has no meaning outside the district in which one was elected so cross-seated alternates are chosen by lot.

HD 25A

  1. Deb Seifert
HD 25B

  1. Adam Pace
  2. Abigail Oliphant
  3. Pauline Varley
  4. Cynthia Wessel
  5. David Eberhart
  6. Christopher Wessel
  7. Julie Eberhart
  8. Emily Eberhart
  9. Sandra Severson
  10. Zach Heil
  11. Michael Hutchison
  12. Arley Pentico
  13. Joel Williams
HD 26A

  1. Rick Nolting
  2. Shannon Davis
  3. Wes Lund
  4. Peter Amadio
  5. Ted Lillie
  6. Jackie Mickow
  7. Leigh Johnson
  8. Gerri Colvin
  9. Dale Mickow
  10. John Robinson
  11. Leslie Harrington
  12. Krista Anderson
  13. Sarah Sundlee
HD 26B

  1. Pat Sexton
  2. Dave Terrill
  3. Gordon Griffith
  4. Linda Meyer
  5. Kent Larson
  6. Martha Nutting