Congressional District

Minnesota has 8 Congressional districts. Olmsted county is part of the First Congressional district. Their web site can tell you more about that.

In even-numbered years, the BPOU — Olmsted county — convention elects delegates and alternate delegates (a.k.a. alternates) to our judicial district, congressional district, and state conventions. In Olmsted county, the same delegates and alternates serve for all three purposes.

The grouping by house districts is for organizing the balloting and displaying the results; all voting is by all county delegates and each delegate represents the entire county. The number of representatives is based on the number of Mitt Romney votes in the 2012 election.

For 2014 and 2015, these are our representatives. The sequence is alphabetical.


HD 25A (12)

Jim Baker
moved to SD
Bruce Kaskubar
David Kuck
Leisa Luis-Grill
Larry Mattson
Alan Maves
Cindy Maves
Aaron Miller
Duane Quam
Joe Weis
Gerad Welch

HD 25B (16)

moved to TX
Fran Bradley
Mary Bradley
Cathy Briese
Loy Colebeck
Jen Duesterhoeft
Ellie Dunn
Greg Gallas
Wayne Harris
Missy Johnson
Lori Oliphant
Greg Opdahl
Dave Senjem
Terry Severson
Melissa Valeriano
Pauline Varley

HD 26A (13)

Mo Amundson
Breanna Bly
Brian Davis
Jeff Hunderfund
Linda Kopecky
Michael LaPlante
Bobbi Lewallen
Gary Melin
Kathy Meyerle
Jackie Mickow
Carla Nelson
Fred Nobrega
Jerry Pestka

HD 26B (20)

Phil Araoz
Mike Benson
Sue Benson
Cheryl Champa
Keith Churchill
Bob DePompolo
Faye Eggenberger
Donna Foster
Len Griffith
Valerie Guimaraes
Bill Kuisle
Terri Penz
Nels Pierson III
Maria Poirier
Jim Schumann
Patrick Sexton
Dave Sovinski
Janet Staloch
Chub Stewart
Julie Zuehlke


For 2014 and 2015, these alternate delegates replace delegates who cannot attend to their obligations. Each district was allowed to elect up to twice as many alternates as delegates. The sequence is numeric and represents rank order.

Alternates are seated in rank order within the house district from which they were nominated and elected. When a district does not have enough native alternates to fill its allotted representation, alternates from other Olmsted districts fill those seats. However, rank has no meaning outside the district in which one was elected so cross-seated alternates are chosen by lot.

HD 25A

  1. Jennifer Miller
  2. PL Flavin
  3. moved to MSP
  4. Tamara Barrett
  5. Dwight LaPine

HD 25B

  1. Mark Fredrickson
  2. Harold Hatton
  3. Max Sullivan
  4. Albert Evans
  5. Scott Groth
  6. Josh Vedas
  7. Chet Welle
  8. Mary Jane Schmitt
  9. Margaret North
  10. *
  11. Arley Pentico
  12. Christopher Wessel

HD 26A

  1. Terry Nelson
  2. Gene Lewallen
  3. Reuben Unseth
  4. Stephen Chow
  5. Melinda Hutchison
  6. Emil Koretzky
  7. Mark Krakowski
  8. Michael Hutchison
  9. Glenn Faith
  10. Jeremy Griffith
  11. Marlene Paulson

HD 26B

  1. Joe Waugh
  2. Bernard Kuipers
  3. Suzanna Veldhuis-Kuipers
  4. Sherri Sovinski
  5. Steve Roberts
  6. *
  7. John Meyer
  8. Byron Clark
  9. David Groteluschen
  10. Luke Meyer
  11. Gordon Griffith
  12. Mike Black
  13. Leighann DeVries
  14. Jim Judisch
  15. Julie Schmugge
  16. Martin Gloff
  17. Richard Zeitler
  18. Martha Nutting

* nominated from and elected in wrong HD