Local delegates to the State Party’s Central committee are elected at our annual convention in odd-numbered years, for two year terms. Their duties include review and approval of the state Party’s budget and election of state Party officers. They are also members of our county Central committee. Delegates are of equal rank. Alternates are listed in order by rank. They may replace missing delegates, by rank.

State Central Delegates
  • Fran Bradley
  • Cheryl Champa
  • Brian Davis
  • Bruce Kaskubar
  • Aaron Miller
  • Jim Schumann
  • Joseph Weiss
  • Julie Zuehlke
State Central Alternate Delegates
  • Cindy Maves
  • Connor Reed
  • Nels Pierson
  • Bill Kuisle
  • Cathy Briese
  • Gerad Welch
  • Jen Jacobson
  • David Kuck
  • Loy Colebeck
  • Dave Senjem
  • Carla Nelson
  • Breanna Bly
  • Duane Quam
  • Greg Opdahl
  • Jim Baker
  • Mike Hutchison
  • Terri Penz
  • Janet Staloch
  • Melinda Hutchison
  • Jim Vanderheiden
  • Jeremy Griffith
  • Janet Hatton
  • Harold Hatton
State Party documents can be found on its web site.
Our BPOU’s representatives to state conventions can be found on our Congressional District page.