All Republicans do not share exactly the same beliefs and same priorities on the issues of our time or on all underlying philosophical points. Wouldn’t that hold true for most groups of people with more than one member? Still, there are things about which we are highly likely to agree. Too, we tend to form our positions on issues based on a fairly consistent set of philosophical beliefs. Among them are these:

  • our nation’s Founders formed a government unique in the history of the world (and its success proves their wisdom)
  • policies based on defining principles lead to orderly governance
  • government has a role to play but it should be defined and limited
  • laws matter and should be consistently enforced for everyone
  • judges should interpret law, not change it
  • property rights may be the most important right of a citizen
  • a society based on merit — including initiative, skill, and character — is a good thing
  • buyers and sellers are smarter than bureaucrats and should be allowed to work their magic in a free market
  • freedom is doing what you want as long as it doesn’t pinch anyone else’s freedom

This part of our site attempts to provide insight into our positions on issues and the reasons for those positions. However, this part of our site is young. Forgive us the empty parts and check back later for more. Recall that we don’t all agree on every point, ourselves, but someone has to write it.

Finally, there is no need to over-read these pages (or any others on our site). There are no code words, no prose attempting to cause a wink. We make an effort to speak plainly, to say what we mean and nothing more nor less. We want this site to be positive, helpful, and as we see the world. There will be places that you, dear visitor, disagree. Perhaps you or we need to learn more. Perhaps we need to write better. None of us is perfect and each of us has more to learn. We’re open to earnest discussion and self improvement. Are you?

Speaking to an audience of Democrats, Ronald Reagan told them, “I know what it’s like to pull the Republican lever for the first time, because I used to be a Democrat myself, and I can tell you it only hurts for a minute, and then it feels great.” You never know what may make you feel good.