Press Release: Teachers and Carla

staff press release

Over the weekend Education Minnesota (EM) and Governor Walz held a rally at the capitol where local Rochester Education Association (REA) members crossed the proverbial line in the sand. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, here are two…FU Carla

WTF CarlaSenator Nelson has been and continues to be a strong advocate for education in Minnesota. If this is the kind of treatment EM and the REA has for those that support education can you imagine what they will say if you’re opposed to ‘their’ way of thinking?

If this is how teachers in Rochester Public Schools (RPS) act publicly, we shudder to think what could be happening in their classrooms. What is even more disturbing, is how happy and proud these two Rochester teachers are regarding the message they are sending our legislators and the youth they are supposedly there to represent. There are other photos of the day floating around social media outlets that are just as offensive, with prominent members of REA including the REA President.

We are calling on Governor Walz, EM, and the REA to publicly rebuke this type of behavior. We hope the REA would take actions to address the lack of judgment by the leadership team and teachers, present in the photos, for the unprofessional way they represented teachers across Minnesota.

We would hope Superintendent Munoz and the Rochester Public School Board publicly address the lack of professionalism of the individuals present in these photos. Wouldn’t it be nice if a public apology to the students, parents, citizens, and Senator Nelson were made by the individuals for their objectionable behavior?

–Olmsted County Republican Party