Jeff Johnson responds to T-Paw’s pathetic TV ad

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From Jeff Johnson’s web site:
(highly recommended for the whole story)

Tim Pawlenty deliberately decided to take our primary race in a nasty (and dishonest) direction. … He poses four ridiculous allegations:

Dishonest Claim #1: Jeff is a “tax and spend career politician.”

Truth: I have a 95% lifetime rating with the Minnesota Taxpayers’ League (one of the highest in legislative history). I’ve signed the Minnesota Taxpayers’ Pledge not to raise taxes – Tim says he will not. I’ve NEVER voted to raise taxes and will veto any budget as governor that is larger than the last.

Dishonest Claim #2: “As a Hennepin County Commissioner, Johnson didn’t just vote for a massive property tax increase, he proposed one.”

Truth: In 2009, the county board set its maximum property tax levy at an increase of 4.98%. I voted NO … I did propose an amendment lowering the increase from 4.98% to 3%, knowing my colleagues were all going to vote for the maximum levy. That amendment failed.

Dishonest Claim #3: “Johnson supported Governor Dayton’s plan to expand the state sales tax to auto repairs, babysitting and more.”

Truth: I wrote an OpEd in 2013 attacking Dayton’s tax plan. I mentioned in that OpEd that the principle [emphasis ours] of expanding the sales tax base and lowering rates was a good one, but that Dayton took it too far and I did not support his plan.

Dishonest Claim #4:“Johnson supported spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to support Obamacare.”

Truth: This one is the most confusing, but it appears Tim is referring to a vote I took in 2011 that allowed Hennepin County’s Northpoint clinic to apply for a federal building grant through the ACA for facility expansion. I’ve never supported Obamacare.

[I]f someone from my campaign brought me an ad this dishonest about Tim Pawlenty, I’d fire them.