Voter Data lawsuit update

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from the Minnesota Voters Alliance:

Dear Friends,

Last Friday, Ramsey County District Court Judge Jennifer Frisch heard oral arguments in our ‘voter data’ lawsuit; Minnesota Voters Alliance v Secretary of State Steve Simon, in front of a standing room only crowd!

In our view, the hearing went extremely well for our side! Thanks to all of you who attended the hearing, and for your patience in enduring the seemingly never-ending jabberwocky from the Secretary’s counsel. Judge Frisch is expected to rule in the coming weeks. We’ll be putting together some video highlights for those of you who were unable to attend.

Minnesota Voters Alliance v Secretary of State Steve Simon is a landmark case involving the Secretary’s refusal to provide the public with full voting information on every voter (as the law requires), so the public can evaluate the Secretary’s performance and assess the true amount of ineligible voting.

The MVA won the first round battle back in December when Ramsey County District Court Judge Jennifer Frisch denied the Secretary’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

The purpose of this litigation is to finally pry loose the data needed to better understand:

How more than 26,000 persons marked challenged on the polling rosters, were permitted to vote in 2016, according to the recent report by the Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA). The OLA examined only a small sub-set of those 26,000, namely 612, and determined only 20 of them may have been eligible

Why there were over 16,000 new registrants in 2016 who identified themselves using the last four digits of a Social Security Number but could not be found in the Social Security Administration database. These statistics are available to the public at

How more than 6,000 registrants in Ramsey County alone failed the “address check” following the 2016 election.

– And, how more than 2,800 individuals are recorded as having voted twice in the same election according to the limited data available from the Secretary’s office on the Public Information List it distributes on CD.

At the same time that the Secretary is blocking release of election data, he continues to ignore the mounting evidence that Minnesota is likely permitting thousands of ineligible persons to vote.

Mr. Simon’s latest tactic for deflecting public attention from his failure to identify and stop ineligible voting, is to sound the alarm on Russian interference that he has neither defined nor specified.

Several media attended the hearing. Here is a Star Tribune article from yesterday.

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