House DFL blames GOP for shutdown, again

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MPR reports on House Minority Leader Thissen’s anniversary remarks about last year’s government shutdown. He blames the Republicans because they didn’t compromise with DFL Governor Dayton. What a dolt. Or perhaps he thinks he’s talking to dolts.

The Republican legislature allowed the biggest budget in Minnesota history. The. Biggest. Budget. In. Minnesota. History. It passed a big bonding bill in a non-bonding-bill year. Regarding the shutdown, specifically, the Republican legislature passed a bill (twice?) to keep the government going on a temporary basis while budget discussions continued. The Governor vetoed it!

In summary, the Republicans passed a budget bigger than they wanted as a compromise with the Governor. The Republicans passed a bonding bill because the Governor wanted one. The Republicans offered to keep the government running but the Governor vetoed it (twice, I think). And the DFL says the Republicans shutdown the government. Got it?

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