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Well, that title doesn’t sound good. It’s just supposed to be a play on the word shutdown.

This post is strictly personal, not a reflection of any Party position. Here’s a note I sent to my state legislators Duane Quam and Dave Senjem.

Duane, Dave,

As my state legislators, I’d like to say that the GOP did not win with Dayton’s terms. He¬†called it the GOP offer of June 30 but it is not that offer. To echo the lie is not helpful.

Did the GOP offer $700 million of borrowing from future tobacco revenue? If so, it may be part of the offer but it is not sustainable government.

Did the GOP offer $700 million of more education offsets? If so, it may be part of the offer but it is not good government.

Did the GOP offer to remove the state staffing reduction (on June 30)? No. To give it up is to surrender the only significant move toward bending the future cost of government downward.

Did the GOP offer a half billion dollar bonding bill? No. To accept it is to increase government spending 25% more than the $34 billion budget already did.

We know Dayton will be in the governor’s office two years from now. We don’t know whether we’ll still have a Republican legislature.

Dayton’s offer is crap. Calling it a Republican victory is crap. You should speak and vote against it or not show up.


Now, things are still indefinite. Details are being worked out. Maybe I’m all wet… and it is absolutely pouring rain right now. But that’s my current take on this deal.

Minnesota government needs to live within its means. Counting future revenue in this budget and borrowing more money is not that. Delaying past commitments is not that. Delaying the shrinkage of bloated government is not that.

The shutdown is causing hardship and is costing the state money. There is no reason the governor shouldn’t agree to the legislature’s “lights on” proposal until the budget is completed… on terms that make our state government sustainable and fiscally honest.

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