RCTC and the DFL: update

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It’s nice the Post-Bulletin picked up the story. I was surprised to see it on the front page last week.

And their editorial was reasonable. The P-B agreed with us that, “we don’t believe the home of RCTC Vice President Michael Bequette — a state employee — was the best choice of venue for an obviously partisan event.” They also agreed with us that, “RCTC President Supalla and V-P  Bequette … wisely backed out.” They pointed out that the DFL has blamed a low-level staff member and called it a “misunderstanding.” We’d give all the actors credit for knowing better. Finally, they suggested we had hit a home run with this opportunity to cry foul. While the whistle blower may be Republican, it is not partisan to want to see that MnSCU policy and state law are respected.

All the above regarded part 1 of the issue. The hand washing used for part 1 does not apply to part 2. RCTC President Supalla sent me an email thanking me for bringing it to his attention. He mentioned that he and MnSCU Chancellor McCormick will be looking into it. We look forward to their efforts and reaction to part 2.

Finally, let’s recall that this is the second case of fishy behavior regarding Kim Norton that we’ve brought to light in recent months. Just before the last election, a smash of advertising for her was paid for by the Rochester Citizens Coalition, an organization whose Treasurer of record was her campaign manager of record. That made the Coalition’s supposed independent expenditures anything but independent… and illegal. We wrote about it and filed a complaint with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. All the actors professed it a misunderstanding and sloppy record keeping. Now this RCTC thing. Are Kim Norton and her supporters really that careless and foolish?

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