Vote August 10!

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There are significant contested races in the August 10 primary election for Republicans and Democrats. Here are some of them.

NOTE: The Sharon Anderson running for Attorney General is not Pat Anderson. Pat is running for State Auditor and does not have a primary challenge.

Please get out and vote for our endorsed candidates!

Minnesota State Offices
Candidate Name Incumbent? Republican
Republican Candidates for Governor
Bob Carney, Jr. No
Leslie Davis No
Tom Emmer No Yes
Olé Savior No
Republican Candidates for Attorney General
Sharon Anderson No
Chris Barden No Yes
Republican Candidates for Minnesota House District 29A
Duane Quam, Jr. No Yes
Kerry Stoick No

School Board: Rochester Public School District #535
Candidate Name Incumbent? Teachers’ Union Endorsed? *Supports Referendum? Website
Director Seat #2
Richard Hinds No Yes
Bill Moe No Yes ?
Gary W. Smith No Yes No ?
Director Seat #4
Mike Baker No No ?
Susan Nee No Yes Yes
Mechelle Severson Yes Yes ?
Julia Workman No Yes
Director Seat #5
Greg Gallas No No
Dawn Johnson No Yes
Daniel O’Neil No Yes
Michael Resman No Yes Yes
Terry Throndson No No ?
Director Seat #6
Anne Becker No No
Fred Daly Yes
(in Seat #5)
Yes ?
Deborah Seelinger No Yes Yes
* based on school board candidate forums and follow-up contacts

Rochester City Council
Candidate Name Incumbent? Website
Ward 5
Sankar Bandi No
Renee Kragnes No
Shaun Palmer No
Randy Staver No
Jan Throndson No (email [if JavaScript were enabled there would be an email address here])

Where’s Ward 3? Benjamin Stout withdrew and requested support of incumbent Bruce Snyder. The primary result is academic.

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