2016 Big Election Money

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Between the National Institute for Labor Relations Research and Open Secrets, here’s some big money insights regarding the 2016 election cycle. Labor unions spent about $1.6 billion-with-a-B on political activities… according to their own reports to the federal government. The top 35 union spending units came from 22 unions who spent $800 million of it. The SEIU and two teachers’ unions are at the top of the list having combined for $380 million. Similarly, looking at the top 22 individual donors and their recipients, they spent a combined $537 million: $298 million to groups and candidates on the left, $238 million on the right. Who do we hear most about, as people tilting the scales of the electoral process? The Koch brothers. Charles was well out of the …

Should Social Security Benefits be taxed in Minnesota?

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Social Security benefits are taxed in Minnesota to the same level that the federal government taxes them. Some states have decided to drop this tax. Should Minnesota? We think so. Source: Taxpayer League of Minnesota Includes summaries of several tax-ending legislative proposals.